Antarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project by multi-national scientific communities                                                                Last updated: May 18th. 2020

2019 Jul. 12th
ADAMP-2 Splinter meeting was held during ISAES 2019 at Incheon, South Korea


2018 Apr.8th
ADMAP-2 map was distributed while in EGU 18 meeting, Vienna, Australia 

2018 Apr.6th
Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) accepted our manuscript for publication authored by the leading Dr. Golynsky and all the colleagues

2018 Jun.20th
ADMAP-2 was introduced in POLAR 2018, Davos, Switzerland


2017 Apr.26th
ADMAP splinter meeting was held in EGU 17 meeting.  New website address of ADMAP was introduced. 

2017 Dec 11-15
First ADMAP-2 map officially printed by KOPRI was released in the AGU Fall meeting

2016 Nov. 29
ADMAP circular letter from SCAR Kuala Lumpur by Steering Committee. Here'a a file

2016 Jun. 24
Call for Workshop 2016 SCAR Kuala Lumpur by Steering Committee. Here'a a file

2016 Jun. 17
Expert/Action Group Report for SCAR Delegates was released. Here'a a file


2015 Oct. 11
A report was released for Goa workshop. Here's a pdf.

2015 July 12
ADMAP -2 Workshop at Goa, India. Here's a draft of agenda for the workshop


2014 Sep 30
A summary of ADMAP Business Meeting at SCAR XXXIII, Auckland, NZ

2014 June 21
We sent a two-year Delegates report to SCAR

2014 April.
Splinter meeting was held during EGU. Here's meeting info in word file

2014. Jan.
Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) began to support the data management labor for a year and a half.


2013, Aug. 6th
Release Steering Committee Report for ADMAP-2. Here's a pdf file

2013, July 30 - Aug.1
ADMAP Steering Committee Meeting held in KOPRI (Incheon), Korea.  Ralph von Frese, Marta Ghidella, Sasha Golynsky,
Detlef Damaske, Fausto Ferraccioli and Hyung Rae Kim were participated with a host, Dr. Jong-Kook Hong at KOPRI. 
Here's a brief schedule and the report for this meeting was prepared

2013. June, 13th
We announced new initiation of the second generation ADMAP, called ADMAP-2.  This is based on a result of the ADMAP
Expert Group meeting at SCAR2012 in Portland, Oregon.  KOPRI (KOrean Polar Research Institute) secured the funding for
processing the data once newly acquired magnetic data over Antarctica since ADMAP-1 is collected. More details are in this pdf.

2012. July. 13th


2012 June.
During the XXXII SCAR at Portland in Oregon, USA, a business meeting for ADMAP was scheduled. 
Several talks were given and discussion and possible solutions or plans for the next generation of ADMAP were delivered. This pdf is a agenda for the meeting.

2012. March
See status report, March 2012.


2011. July
ISAES was held at Univerisity of  Edinburgh. Fausto Ferraccioli, was one of the convene

before 2006

2005. May 27
ADMAP progress report (pdf) for SCAR report is available in PDF format.

2004. July 25
ADMAP WG gathered & discussed the future of ADMAP and many other issues at SCAR-28 Meeting (Bremen, Germany, July 25th, 2004)
Meeting agenda (html) and the progress report (pdf) since 2003 IAGA-ISAES Potsdam meeting are available in PDF format.

2003. December 23
The materials from this website in database are now available free  in public (previously the website was locked). 
However, when used in scientific articles or other official publications, please reference these material as follows;

Golynsky, A., M. Chiappini, D. Damaske, F. Ferraccioli, J. Ferris, C. Finn, M, Ghidella, T. Isihara, A. Johnson, H. R. Kim, L. Kovacs,
J. LaBrecque, V. Masolov, Y. Nogi, M. Purucker, P. Taylor and M. Morta, "ADMAP - Magnetic Anomaly Map of the Antarctic,
1:10,000,000 scale map," in Morris, P. and R. von Frese, eds., BAS (Misc.) 10, Cambridge, British Antarctic Survey, 2001.

2003. October 20
ADMAP-SCAR 28 Report released here.

2003. September
Discussion related to ADMAP and World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map (WDMAM) took place at  SCAR 28 at
ISAES held at Potsdam, Germany.  More details can be requested to Dr. M. Ghidhella

An ADMAP listserver - ADMAP-L - is now available. For those wishing to join this list please email

Special sessions from ADMAP WG in Tectonophysics was released (vol 347, Issue 1-3)

2002. June 28
Image and the data from a combined model of ADMAP compilation and Orsted satellite magnetometer data are available  here.

2001. June 9
A short article about a release of ADMAP map (Golynsky et al., 2001) in "Science News" was released (vol. 159, no.23) - article can be found here

1999. June 18
A third workshop (ADMAP III) was held at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA,  during 5-6 June 1999.  Executive summary is available here.

1999. April
Special volume for ADMAP WG in Annali di Geofisica  was released (vol. 42, No.2)

1998. June
An article in EOS Trans. American Geophysical Union was released (vol. 79, No. 23)

1997. September 29
A second workshop (ADMAP II) was held at the Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica in Rome, Italy, from 29 September to 2 October 1997

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