ADMAP-SCAR Report (20 October 2003)

The flurry of e-mails and phone calls spawned by the SCAR'03 meeting in
Potsdam shows that the ADMAP community is quite active and energized to complete its goals.  To capitalize on and help coordinate this gratifying burst of activity, I summarize below a number action items that have surfaced from our communications;

1.     The ADMAP grids at OSU will be freely released to the public in the next few days.  I'll check with EOS to see about announcing the release of grids as a short news item.  Where else should we announce the release of grids to the public?

2.     The CD will now only include

a.      The aeromagnetic profiles used for the published map in the format agreed upon at ADMAP III,

b.     the 5-km grid for the published map,

c.     the 5-km grid of the aeromagnetic and marine data,

d.     the 5-km regional anomaly grid with Magsat gap predictions, and

e.      documentation.


3.     The CD will have the same authorship as the published map.

4.     BAS and INGV will take the lead on getting the CD produced ASAP.  Help is also available from the USGS for this effort.

5.     The CD will contain limited metadata giving the basic details of the datasets and probably a simple location map for each survey.  However, new data should contain the metadata, and the CD's point database and grid should be updated with additional metadata.  Carol has resources to develop and implement an appropriate plan and will take the lead on this.

6.     New ADMAP publications under development include

a.      a short paper for the SCAR'03 proceedings volume from Golynsky et al.,

b.     an EOS article accompanying the release of the CD that summarizes the CD's production and ADMAP's plans for the future, and

c.     a scientific article by the map's authors that highlights the geological significance and limitations of the current map.

7.     We should plan for another meeting (ADMAP IV) probably in Spring'04.  The CD will be hopefully completed by then so that the main purpose of ADMAP IV will be to consider new activities and plans.

8.     In an effort to keep things on track, I'll put out a report on these action items to you in Jan'04.