Antarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project by multi-national scientific communities                                                                Last updated: Jan. 3rd. 2017

ICSU - International Council for Science
IGU - International Geographical Union
IUBS - International Union of Biological Sciences
IUGG - International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
IUGS - International Union of Geographical Sciences
IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IUPS - International Union of Physiological Sciences
URSI - International Union of Radio Science
SCOR - Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
SCOPE - Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
IGBP - International Biosphere-Hemisphere Programme
WCRP - World Climate Research Programme
COSTED - Committee on Science and Technology in Developing Countries

Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP)
Council for Environmental Protection (CEP)

Argentine Antarctic Institute
Australian Antarctic Division
Belgian Antarctic Program
British Antarctic Survey
Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)
Canadian Polar Commission
Chilean Antartic Institute
French Polar Institute
Alfred Wegner Inst, Germany
Italian National Antarctic Research Program (PNRA)
National Institute of Polar Research (Japan)
Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)
Antarctica New Zealand
Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Norsk Polarinstitutt
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia)
The Swedish Polar Research Secreariat
Uruguayan Antarctic Institute

Byrd Polar Research Center

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Polar Research Board
Polar Science Center
US Antarctic Program

70South: The No1 source for Antarcticles
Antarctic Treaty Searchable Database: 1959-99
- an online database giving details of the Conventions and Protocol/Annexes of the Antarctic Treaty System
Antarctican - latest news and comment on what's happening in the Antarctic region
Cool Antarctica
Working Group
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